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A home for those *other* characters...

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Created on 2010-04-09 10:22:43 (#496338), last updated 2010-05-31 (385 weeks ago)

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Name:Never Written
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Community description:for all those characters you've never written before
We all have them. The characters we've never written. Or even considered writing. The characters that we secretly hate, or poke fun at. The ones that we roundly declaim as being blatant stereotypes, two-dimensional, or just annoying.

This is a challenge to ask you to stretch yourself, and write that character anyway. Can you make them sympathetic? Believeable? Can you keep them in character? Can you resist the urge to 'bash'?


1) All types of fic are accepted. Art, vids, manips are also welcome.

2) This community is set to 'View with discretion.' Despite that, it is still your responsibility to warn for sexual content, violence etc, and rate your post accordingly. Not everybody wants to read certain types of content, so give them the chance to make an informed decision

3) You may link to a post in your journal. It's easier to respond to comments this way, and we understand that.

4) All fics exceeding 100 words in length, or large graphics files, should be placed behind a cut.

5) Include a header. People want to know what they're reading. This should include:

Character I've never written:
Pairing: (if applicable)
Warnings: (if applicable)

6) Tags also make things easier. Please PM the mod ([personal profile] mystiri_1) to add an author, fandom and character tag.

7) We will have periodic challenge rounds, and if you sign up for one, you are asked to make a genuine effort to meet the deadline. If you want to post something outside of a challenge round, that's okay, too - the goal is to create something different than what you usually write/draw, and to encourage others to do the same.

Have fun, and challenge yourself!
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